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Our program

We have a full program for children. From the age of 5, the children receive an extensive training system, which includes the following points:


- Build self-confidence

- Coordination development

- Improving body health

- Mental strength and control in stressful situations

- Interpersonal behavior and respectful interaction

- Daily workout routines for cardio and muscle growth

- With us, they become champions on the mat and in real life


Our children's program is more than training, it's an investment in your little one's future.

bullying prevention

Our bullying prevention program provides a friendly, safe, and fun environment designed to give each child the confidence, discipline, and character they need to solve problems, set goals, and thrive. Children in our program learn to use verbal assertiveness and defense techniques to deter bullies.

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Preise und Trainingszeiten

In addition, various non-violent forms of self-defense to remain safe and unharmed in the event of physical attacks. More importantly, we do not teach how to hit or kick in our bullying prevention program, as this often does more harm than good. Instead, we use lever-based control handles to neutralize threats without violence. Students in our program also learn competitive techniques to prepare to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments if desired.

Montag: 07:45 - 12:45 7-15 Jahre


Dienstag: 07:45 - 12:45 7-15 Jahre


Mittwoch: 07:45 - 12:45 7-15 Jahre


Donnerstag: 07:45 - 12:45 7-15 Jahre


Freitag: 07:45 - 12:45 7-15 Jahre

about us

Sensei Rodrigo is Head Coach of the BJJ Austria team and the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach and black belt athlete in Innsbruck, from the Alexandre Ogawa Japan team.

Introduced to the gentle art of BJJ over 30 years ago, Sensei Rodrigo still enjoys the benefits of the improved balance, coordination and self defense that BJJ imparts and finds the practice of the art to be a great stress reliever and a wonderful social outlet.

During all these years Rodrigo has gained extensive training and experience on the mats and also in competitions around the world. Rodrigo and his staff are passionate about teaching the kids and watching them do their best not just on the mats

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Ben Sliwa

Rodrigo Duarte

Dominic Fleischmann

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