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Jiu Jitsu is a modification and further development of the Japanese martial art Judo. It combines a wide range of techniques from different styles, which not only promotes physical but also mental fitness.
The main training is how an opponent can be brought to the ground and rendered incapable of fighting without relying exclusively on muscle strength.     
This is achieved through different lever and choke techniques (no punches and kicks). It is very important to treat each other with respect in order to minimize the risk of injury.
Fighting and training is traditionally done in Gi (Kimono), but we also offer "No Gi classes" (with ordinary sportswear). 



BJJ is suitable for everyone!

Train BJJ in a multicultural, cosmopolitan academy.

You can start training at any time - regardless of age, experience, gender, origin...

The language of instruction is English, but the trainer also speaks German, Portuguese and Spanish.

BJJ Innsbruck


You have no martial arts experience yet? No problem! For newcomers we offer special BJJ ESSENTIALS courses, in which the most important positions and basic techniques are learned. This provides a solid basis for advanced training.

BJJ Innsbruck

BJJ is a highly complex martial art in which you work with hundreds of techniques and sequences. Building on the beginner's course, you learn more complicated techniques and there is more focus on fighting. 
BJJ Innsbruck

Many women have been in an awkward situation where they wish they knew how to defend themselves safely and effectively. 

How can you avoid such a situation, de-escalate or, in case of doubt, keep a clear head in the event of an attack, protect yourself, defend yourself and end the situation.

This is exactly what is learned and trained in this course for women.


Here the children learn discipline, self-confidence, self-defense and to be very physically fit.

The training is structured in such a way that the kids have fun, but the discipline and BJJ rules are not neglected.

Children from the age of 5 can start training with us.

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