Belt exam white belt 2nd stripe.

Please note that on the day of your belt exam you will have 3 attempts on each move and you should not fail on more than 3 moves.

Closed guard

• Arm lock
• Triangle
• Collar choke
• Omoplata 
• Defend triangle
• Pull guard
• Defend Omoplata
• Defend Arm lock

• Open the guard

• Kimura

-Guard passing

  • Toreando

  • Leg drag

• Scissor sweep
• Pendulum sweep
• Laço guard Sweep
• Mount escape sweep


• Arm lock

• Amassa pao
• Triangle
• Ezequiel
• Americana 
• Kimura

• Mata leap
• Bow and arrow

Side control:
• Katagatami
• Kimura
• Knee on the belly
• Baseball choke

• Escape recover guard

• Escape underhook swing followed by anaconda

Take down: 
Single leg

Tai otoshi

O soto gari

Turtle position:
Hulk Hug


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